COIL/Virtual Exchange(VE) projects

Here you will find information about Fatec (Technical College) professors interested in COIL/Virtual Exchange(VE) projects. There are 75 Fatec units in Centro Paula Souza’s Undergraduate Studies (Cesu) and more than 85 different programs available. The table offers information about:

  • Academic discipline (the official name of the discipline/subject taught by the professor)
  • Semester (Fatec programs last 6 semesters (2 academic semesters each year)
  • Program – the program where that discipline/subject is taught
  • Discipline Description – a brief description of the main contents and objectives of that discipline/subject
  • Language – COIL/VE projects can be carried out in either Portuguese, Spanish, or English. The professor indicates the language that best fits the project’s expectations
  • Availability – Fatec’s 1st academic semester starts in February and ends in June and the 2nd semester starts in August and ends in mid-December. So, ideal periods for COIL/VE projects are either mid-February to mid-June or mid-August to late November.
  • Interested in an interdisciplinary COIL project? – Some professors are interested in working only within their own fields of knowledge, while some others are open to partnerships that can involve distinct disciplines/subjects or fields of knowledge 
  • Status – As this table is updated almost daily, this field allows international partners to know whether Fatec professors are available or not.

In case you are interested in getting to know better one of Fatec professors, please get in touch with our COIL/VE team at
We look forward to working with you!

✅ = Available / Disponible | 🖐 = On hold / en conversaciones | ❌ = Not available / no disponible